About us

We are brothers who grew up in El Paso, Texas. Like many of you, we are at the time in our lives where we are thinking about college and our future careers. We see that while the idea of jobs such as engineering, entrepreneurship, artists, law, or the many fields in healthcare are intriguing; we have little insight into the true worlds of these professions. We believe there is a need for a personal look into the day to day lives of those working in such fields to answer such important questions as: What course of study should I take? What areas should I strengthen? What can I do now in high school to make me a better candidate? How much do you enjoy your job? What would you do differently? We intend to delve into these and more questions in our conversations with our guests to open up a world of possibilities for our listeners.


At some point in our lives, we all have a dream, an aspiration for a job, career or profession where we see ourselves making a difference. For many of us that insight into the specifics of a particular field is significantly limited and can dissuade our direction and motivation. At CareerCloseup.org we aim to give you the exposure to further ignite your ambition and drive, and the information needed to solidify your decision to pursue a field or guide you in choosing the direction for a future that is right for you. It is our goal to explore as many different jobs through interviews and provide our audience real world feedback from those working first hand in the area of interest.


With the right knowledge and the willingness to make the effort, through hard work and determination we can all excel and move forward to our success!

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