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Let Close Up bring your classroom to life!

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Close Up offers exciting, hands-on experiences in the nation’s capital!

Since 1971, Close Up has partnered with educators from around the country to empower young people and help them develop the skills needed to become informed and engaged citizens. More than 2,000 educators participate in our civic education programs each year and over 95% of alumni report that their Close Up experience inspired them to become more active in their schools and communities.

While your students participate in dynamic, curriculum-based experiences, you can enjoy our one-of-a-kind Teacher Program, which runs parallel to our student programs. Learn more about our civic education programs and choose the ultimate experience for your school today!

Our innovative program has three cornerstones:

  • A dynamic curriculum that helps you keep pace with the ever-changing educational landscape;
  • Peer-to-peer discussions where educators from every type of school setting engage with each other and discuss insights on how to make democracy come alive for students; and
  • Partnerships with institutions to provide guest speakers, demonstrations, and simulations designed to give insight and new ideas to help students better understand their roles as active citizens.

Help us educate, inspire, and engage even more students!


On this trip of a lifetime, your students will:

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Earn graduate credits while attending Teacher Program!

On Close Up, your students will better understand their roles as citizens while you network with other educators from all 50 states and U.S. territories. While attending exciting workshops and explorations, you will gain best practices from our seasoned Teacher Program Specialists.  You can also take advantage of our professional development workshops, which allow you to earn graduate credits or continuing education units.


Our programs are all-inclusive and available year-round.